Annexatioun of the landis of Orknay to the crowne

Oure soverane lord, estates and haill bodye of this present parliament, perfectlie understanding that the augmentatioun of the patrimonie and revenues of the crowne of this realme not onelye servis for the furthsetting and mantinance of his hienes honoure and royall estate, bot alsua relevis greatlie his majesties subjectis of great charges and divers burdingis, and to this effect oure said soverane, efter lang and mature deliberatioun tane thairupoun be advise of the lordis commissioners of his majesties rentis and lordis of his hienes privie counsale of the kingdome of Scotland, hes contractit with his trustie counselloure Schir Johne Arnot of Berswick, knycht, William and James Arnottis, his lauchfull sones, for all rycht, title and entres that they or ony of thame hes or may pretend to ony landis, annuelrentis, iles, skerreis, holmes, mylnis, multuris, fischingis and utheris quhatsumevir lyand within the erldome of Orknay and lordschip of Zetland, or within the boundis of Orknay and Zetland or ony part thairof, to the intent that the same may be annext and appropriat to the patrimonie of the crowne of his hienes kingdome of Scotland, and hes promittit in the word of ane prince to caus thankfullie be payit and deliverit furth of the reddiest of his majesties custumes of his said kingdome to the said Schir Johnne Arnot, his airis, executouris or assignais the sowme of thre hundreth thowsand pundis usuall money of the foirsaid kingdome at the termes and in maner specifeit in the contract maid thairupoun; thairfore oure said soverane lord, followand the commendable exemples of his hienes most noble progenitouris, with advise and consent of his majesties estaittis and haill bodye of this present parliament, unitis, annexis and incorporattis to his hienes crowne of the kingdome of Scotland, thairwith to remane perpetualie and inseparablie in all tymes cuming, the landis, ilis, skerreis, holmes, mylnis, multuris, fischeingis, annuelrents and utheris quhatsomevir, alsweill specialie as generalie efter mentioned: that is to say, all and sindrie the landis and iles of Birsay, Sandwick, Hoy, Waywik, Sowithronaldsay, Schappinschaw, Deirnes, Sanday, Stronsay, Eglischaw, Rowsay and Northronaldsay, with the maner places, houses, biggingis, yardis and all thair pertinentis lyand within the schirefdome of Orknay, quhilkis landis and iles pertenit heretablie of before to the said Schir Johnne Arnot, haldin be him immediately of oure said soverane and wer resignit be the said Schir Johnne, with consent of the saidis William and James Arnottis, his sonnes, personalie in the handis of his hienes commissioners appointit for ressaving of resignationis within the realme of Scotland, ad perpetuam remanentiam, and that in name and to the utilitie and use of oure said soverane and to remane with his majestie immediat superioure of the samyn and his hienes successours of the kingdome of Scotland perpetuallie in all tymes cuming, togidder with all and quhatsomevir utheris landis, iles, skerries, holmes, castellis, tours, fortalices, mylnis, multuris, fischingis, alsweill in fresche as salt watters, annuelrentis, reversiones, the haill landis callit uthale landis, roich, anying, samyn, toillis, anchorages, custumes, wattill, foir coipland, settertoun, anstercoip, scattis, land maillis, wrack, waith, waif, wair and utheris rychtis and dewties quhatsomevir pertening to the saidis erldome of Orknay and lordschip of Zetland, annexis, connexis, outsettis, outbrekis, commoneties, partes, pendicles and pertinentis thairof quhatsomevir, alsweill not nemmyt as nemmyt, quhairevir they lye, with tennentis, tenandreis and service of fre tennentis, with the advocatioun, donatioun and richt of patronage of all benefices, chaiplanreis and stallareis foundit and lyand within the boundis of Orknay and Zetland, kirkis, teyndis, rentis, fruites and emolumentis quhatsomevir pertening thairto lyand within the samyn boundis of Orknay and Zetland, togidder alsua with the offices of schirefschip, justiciarie and fawdrie of Orknay and Zetland, and of the constabularie and keping of the castell of Kirkwall, with all fies, privilegis and pertinentis thairof quhatsomevir, and the richt, privilege and jurisdictioun of frie regalitie and justiciarie of all and sindrie the foirsaidis landis, erldome, lordschip and utheris abonespecifeit, with fre chapell and chancellarie, and als all and sindrie mynis and minerallis of mettale, gold, silver, copper, brass, tyn, leid and utheris minerallis within the haill boundis of the said erldome and lordschip, togidder alsua with all and sindrie utheris privilegis, immunities and liberties quhatsamevir contenit and expressit in the infeftment maid and gevin to Patrik, erll of Orknay of the said erldome and lordschip and quhilkis pertenit to him be quhatsomevir maner of way, rycht or title, baith propertie, superioritie and tenandrie, and that at quhat tyme and howsone the rycht of the same or ony part thairof beis conqueist and acquirit be oure said soverane or his successouris fra ane reverend father in God James, bischop of Orknay, the saidis Schir Johnne Arnot, William and James Arnottis, his sonnes, or ony uther persone or persones be comprysing resignatioun ad perpetuam remanentiam, or be ony uther maner of way, quhairby the rycht thairof may lauchfullie accress to oure said soverane or his successours kingis of Scotland, and na utherwyse, quhilkis landis, annuelrentis, iles, reversiones, offices, kirkis, teyndis and utheris generalie before rehersit and contenit in the claus immediatlie abonewrittin, now as gif the rychtis thairof war alreadye establesched lauchfullie in his hienes persoun, and than as now and na utherwayes, oure soverane lord and estates unitis, annexis and incorporattis to his hienes crowne of the kingdome of Scotland, thairwith to remane perpetuallie and inseperablie in all tymes cuming, quhilkis landis, iles, skerreis, annuelrentis, offices, reversiones, kirkis, teyndis and utheris quhatsomevir, alsweill generalie as specialie abonementionat, annext, abone rehersit, nor na part thairof, may nethir be gevin in ony tyme heirefter nor annaleit frome the rycht and propertie of the said crowne in franktenement, fie or utherwyse to ony persoun or persones of quhatsomevir estate or degre, withowt the advise, decrete and deliverance of the haill parliament, and that for great, ressonable, profitable and sene causes for the evident and manyfest weilfair of the realme, first cairfullie tryit and advisitlie considerit be the haill estates; and albeit it salhappin oure said soverane lord or ony his majesties successours kingis of Scotland to annalie or dispone the saidis landis, ilis, skerries, holmes, mylnis, multuris, fischeingis, annuelrentis, offices, reversionis, kirkis, teyndis and utheris quhatsomevir with thair pertinentis or ony part thairof, or ony annuelrentis furth of the samyn, generalie or specialie comprehendit in this present act and annext to the crowne as said is, the samyn alienationes or dispositiones salbe null and of nane avale, in sic sort that it salbe lesum to oure said soverane and his successouris kingis of Scotland for the tyme to tak bak and receave at their awin fre will and pleasoure to their awin use, withowt ony proces of law, the saidis landis or utheris to be annaleit or disponit contrar the tennoure of this present act, and the takers and receavers of the saidis alienationis or dispositiones sall refound and pay all proffites takin up be theme of the saidis landis and utheris generalie and specialie abonexpremit to the king for the tyme, with all uther restrictiounes and provisiounes contenit in quhatsomevir actis of parliament maid by his majestie and his maist noble progenitouris, kingis of Scotland, in their annexationes of landis and utheris to the crowne, quhilkis haill former actis of annexatioun and all and sindrie articles, provisiones, conditiones, circumstances and restrictiones thairin contenit ar haldin as repetit and specialie exprest and comprehendit in this present act. Attoure, oure said soverane, with advise of the estatis foirsaidis, at quhat tyme the rycht of the saidis offices of schirefschip, justiciarie, fawdrie and rycht, privilege and jurisdictioun of fre regalitie and justiciarie abonewrittin accreseis lauchfullie in maner abonewrittin to oure said soverane or his successours kingis of Scotland and na utherwyse, now as than and than as now, suppressis, extingwisis and abolesis the foirsaidis regalities and offices, and unitis, annexis and incorporattis the samyn to his hienes royaltie, thairwith to remane inseparablie in all tymes cuming; and erectis ane stewartrie to be callit in all tyme cuming the stewartrie of [...], ordaning the tennentis, possessouris and inhabitantis of the foirsaidis landis and utheris generalie or specialie comprehendit in this present act and utheris persounes quha wer answerable of before to the schirefschip and fawdrie abonewrittin to be answerable to his hienes stewart of [...], with all fredomes, privilegis and liberties competent to ony stewartrie of his hienes propirtie within the said realme of Scotland.

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