Legislation: private act
Ratification of the quenis majesties infeftment of Dunfermling

Oure soverane lord and estaittis of this present parliament ratifies and approvis and, for his majestie and his successors, perpetuallie confirmes the infeftment maid and granted be his majestie to his heichnes darrest spous Anna, be the grace of God, now quene of Great Britane, France, and Ireland, and to the heiris lauchfullie gottin or to be gottin betuix his majestie and his heichnes dearrest spouse foirsaid, whilks failyeing (as God forbid) to his heichnes heiris and successors whatsumevir to the crown of the kingdome of Scotland, off all and whole the monastrie and abbacie of Dunfermling lyand on boith sydes of the watter of Forth, contening all and sindrie the landis, lordschips, baronies, mylnes, woods, fischings, mansions, manorplaces, kirkis, teynds, kirklandis, tenents, tenendreis, service of fre tenents, yairds, orchards, fewmales, fermes, kennes, customes, anuelrents, and uthers particularlie and generalie contened in the said infeftment, proceding upoun the resignatioun of Henry Pitcarne of that Ilk as commendator of the said abbacie of Dunfermling for the tyme, with consent of the convent thairof, in maner and to the effect mentioned in the same infeftment, whilks ar thairby united, erected and incorporat in ane whole and fre temporall lordschip to be called in tymecoming the lordschip of Dunfermling, to be haldin of oure soverane lord and his successors in fre blensche, fre heritage and fre lordschip for ewer, for the yeirlie payment of sex schillingis eicht penneis monye of this realme of Scotland yeirlie at the feast of Whitsonday in name of blenchferme, if it bees asked alanerlie, lyke as at more lenth is contened in the said infeftment under his heichnes great seale of the dait at Linlithgow, the sevint day of Marche 1593 yeris, and of his heichnes reignn the xxvij yeirs, with the precept and instrument of seasine following thairupoun, togidder with all and sundrie infeftments ather past be resignations or confirmations, precepts upoun retours, or be precepts of clare constat, gifts of offices, takkis of teyndis of landis or uthers teyndis whatsumevir, dispositions be forme of indentor, contract or assignatioun of any yeirlie dewtyes, rents or commodities pertening and belonging to the said lordschip of Dunfermling and patrimonie thairof, of whatsumevir dait or datis, tenor or contents the same be of, ather already maid, gevin and granted or that hereafter salhappin to be maid, gevin and granted to whatsomevir persoun or personis, there heiris and assignais by oure soverane lady as Lady of Dunfermling, with consent, assent and authoritie of oure said soverane lord, hir majesties darrest bedfallow, for his heichnes entres, and with advise, consent and assent of Alexander, erll of Dunfermling, chancellar, Walter, lord of Blentyre, umquhile Maister Johnne Lyndesay of Balcarras, umquhile Maister James Elphinstoun of Invernochtie, Schir Thomas Hamyltoun of Byres, knycht, secretar, umquhile Alexander Hay of Eister Kennet, clerk of register for the tyme, and Maister Petir Young of Seaton, elymosinar to his majestie, or any foure of thame, hir majesties counsellors nominat be oure said soverane lord, with advise of the estaits of his heichnes parliament haldin at Edinburgh in the moneth of Julii 1593 yeris, or with consent of sick uther persoun or personis nominat and placed as counsellours to hir majestie since the deceis of any of the personis particularlie abone named, or with consent of any uthers, hir majesties counsellors who salhappin at any tyme heirafter to be nominat in place of the personis above named ather alreadye deceissed or that heirafter salhappin to deceis, in maner and forme as is prescrived in the said act of parliament in the said moneth of Julii 1593 yeris, in all and sindrie poyntis, passes, heads, articles, clauses, circumstances and conditions whatsomevir therin contined efter the formes and tenors thairof respective in all pointis. And oure said soverane lord and estaits foirsaidis willis and grants, declaris, decernis and ordanis that this present confirmatioun is and salbe als valiable, effectuall and sufficient in all respects as if the foirsaidis infeftments, chartours, precepts and instruments of seasine granted to oure said soverane lady of the said whole lordschip of Dunfermling, togidder with the uther infeftments, precepts, gifts of offices, takkis, indentours, contracts, assignations and uthers abonewrittin, ayther already maid, gevin and granted be hir majestie, with consent, assent, authoritie and advise foirsaid, to any persoun or persons contening dispositioun, tak, gift or uther rycht of the said lordschip and patrimonie of Dunfermling, or any part of the samyn, wer at lenth word be word ingrost heirintill.

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