Ane act anent tymous teynding for the ease of the laborers of the ground

It is statute and ordaned be oure soverane lord and estaittis in parliament that in tyme comeing in all teynding of cornes that the same be teyndit at thre severall tymes everie yeir if the awners of the cornes sall think it expedient, to wit, the croft in feild corne at ane tyme, the beare at ane uther tyme and the owtfeild corne at the thrid tyme; and declaris that aucht dayes efter the compleit schering of ilk sort of cornis being owtrwn, that it salbe lesome to the awners at the saidis aucht dayes end to mak requisitioun upoun uther aucht dayes to mak thame thankfull teynding; and if the awners get not thankfull teynding at the expyring of the saidis last aucht dayes, the saidis estaittis declaris that it salbe lauchfull to the awners of the saidis cornes to teynd and stak the same theme selffis, conforme to the act of parliament maid of before anent the teynding of cornes in all pointis, and sall incur na danger thairthrough.

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