2Ratificatioun of ane pensioun to Williame Elphingstounis bairnis

Oure soverane lord, considering the gude, trew and thankfull service done to his majestie be umquhile Williame Elphingstoun, his majesteis domestick servitour, thairfoir oure said soverane lord and estaittis of this present parliament ratifeis, appreves and confermis the letter of gift and pensioun maid and grantit be his majestie, with advyse of Maister Johne Prestoun of Penycuk, collectour generall and thesaurar of the new augmentationis, to Harie and Michell Elphingstounes, lauchfull sonnes to the said umquhile William Elphingstoun and to the langest levar of them twa successive eftir otheris, during all the dayes of thair lyfetymes, of all and haill the superplus of the thriddis of benefices within the boundis of Orknay unassignit to the ministeris, or shall happin in tyme cummyng to be unassignit to them, alsweill money, victuall as cost of buttir, oyle and utheris customes within the saidis boundis during all the dayes of thair said lyfetyme, beginnand the first termes payment of the said superplus the cropt and year of God jM vjC and twa yeiris, and sua furth to continew yearlie during thair saidis lyftymes, in all and sindrie pointis, heidis, articlis and clauses thairof, conforme to the tennoure of the samin in all pointis, and willis and grantis that the saidis letteris of gift and pensioun is and shall be to the saidis Harie and Michell Elphingstounes in all tyme cumming ane valide, effectuall and sufficient richt to them to bruik and possess the foirsaid yearlie pensioun out of the particular places whereof they have bene in possessioun, and fra the particular persones wha hes bene in use of payment thairof, and that conforme to the said gift and decreittis recoverit be them thereupoun, notwithstanding of whatsumevir actis or constitutionis maid or to be maid in the contrair whilk may appeir to dirogat to the validitie of the said gift, with the whilk his majestie and estaittis foirsaidis dispenses for evir, salvo jure cuiuslibet.

  1. NAS, PA2/17, f.55v-56r.
  2. '50' written in margin beside heading.