Anent mesouris

Forsamekle as in the parliament haldin at Edinburgh, the twenty nyne day of Julij, the yeir of God jM vC fourscore sevin yeiris, it wes statute and ordanit be oure soverane lord and estaitis of the said parliament that malt, beir and eattis, quhilkis of before wer usit to be mesurit be heip, for eschewing of fraud sould be mesurit be straik in all tyme cuming efter the dait of the said act, quhairby be just tryall and examinatioun the heip in proportioun wes found to be the thrid of the peck or firlot, and that the measouris of the firlot and peck sould stand universalie, ressaveing and delivering thrie for tua or sex for four of malt, beir and aitis according to the proportioun specifeit in the said act, quhilk is the hundreth and fourtene act of the said parliament, as in the samyn at mair lenth is contenit; and albeit that the foirsaid act be maist equitable and reasonable, as also profitable to all oure soverane lordis leigeis, yit the samyn in that pairt thairof abonewrittin hes not tane full effect within na pairt of this kingdome, thairfore the estaitis presentlie convenit statutis and ordanis that the foirsaid act of parliament sall tak full effect and be put to dew executioun in that pairt thairof abonespecifeit anent the mettis and measuris of malt, beir and eatis, and that the samyn in all tyme cuming salbe deliverit and ressavit be straik, be peck or firlott aggreable to the proportioun specifeit in the said act of parliament in all pointis, receaving and delivering thrie for tua or sex for foure within the haill boundis of the said schirefdome of Edinburgh and constabularie of Hadingtoun; and for that effect, ordanis lettrez to be direct for publicatioun of the premises be oppin proclamatioun at the mercat croces of the burrowis of this kingdome, alswele of royaltie as regalitie and barony, and uther places quhatsumevir quhair mercatis of victuall are haldin. And als commanding and chairgeing all provestis and bailleis of all burrowis, alswele royaltie as regalitie and barony within the boundis foirsaidis, to put this present act to dew executioun sa fer as concernis thame sua that the samyn may tak full effect within the boundis abonespecifeit.

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