Anent the pryces of writtis and seallis

Forsamekle as upoun divers and sindrie complaintis exhibited unto the lordis of prevey counsale anent the exhorbitant prices tane at the registeris and seallis, quhairby not onlie his majesteis subjectis wer havalie damnifeit, bot alsua his heynes rentis of thesaurie, comptrollarie and collectorie greatlie prejugeit and hinderit, his majesteis leigeis being scarit fra expeiding of thair rychtis and secureteis by reasoun of the said extraordinair extortioun, the saidis lordis, be ane speciall act and ordinance beiring dait the fourt of Februar jM vjC and sex yeiris, set doun the just and ordinarie price of all lettrez, actis and writtis proper to quhatsumevir clerkship within this kingdome, togidder with the priceis of the signet, previe and grite seillis, whilkis prices the clerkis and keiparis of the seallis and registeris wer ordanit be the said act to write on the bake of everie ane of the saidis writtis, and subscryve the same with thair hand, undir the pane of deprivatioun of thame fra thair offices, as the said act contening divers utheris clauses, heidis and articlis at lenth beiris; quhilk act, albeit for some shorte space it resaved effect and executioun, nevirtheles it is now become in dissuetude and the formair abuse, scafferie and extortioun is not onlie renewit, bot rissin to a fer grittair heicht, to the hurte and prejudice of his majesteis subjectis and to the sclander and reprotche of this natioun that suche libertie and withgait sould be gevin to suche schamefull scafferie and extorsioun; thairfore the estaitis presentlie convenit ratifeis, allouis and approvis the foirsaid act and ordinance contening the prices of writtis and seallis as said is in all pointis, articlis and clauses thairof and eftir the forme and tennoure of the same, with this aditioun: that the contravenair of the said act in ony point thairof, outher in exceiding the prices specifeit in the said act or not writting of the price undir thair hand upoun the bak of everie lettre and write, sall not onlie incur the pane of deprivatioun fra the seale, register and office whiche thay posses, bot thay salbe callit and convenit before his majesteis counsale and salbe censured and punist in thair personis and goodis as schamefull extorsionairis of his majesteis subjectis, and the persone or personis quhatsumevir quho will complene upoun [thame],2 sall not onlie have summair and reddy justice, bot the ane half of the fyne and penaltie quhilk salbe injoyned and laid upoun the said contravenair.

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  2. APS interpolation.