Anent the exportatioun of barkit ledder

Forsamekle as albeit the exportatioun of barkit leddir, maid shone2 leddir, yarne and talloun be expreslie prohibite and forbiddin undir divers panes mentionat and contenit in the actis and constitutionis maid thairanent, especialie the confiscatioun of the saidis commoditeis and the haill remanent goodis of the buyairis and transportairis thairof, nevirtheles the bipast negligence in not seiking the executioun of the saidis actis and the oversicht and connivence of the searcheouris hes producit a verie grite contempt, brek and violatioun of the saidis actis, and grite nowmeris of personis, preferring thair privat gayne to the obedyence of the law, ar not effrayed privatlie and publictlie to transporte the saidis commoditeis, to the grite hurte of the commounweele; thairfore, the estaitis presentlie conveyned ordanis new intimatioun and publicatioun to be maid of the saidis actis, certifeing all and sindrie personis quho sall violat, contravene and brek the same that thay salbe noted, tryed and punist accordinglie. And the saidis estaitis ordanis and comandis all searcheouris within this kingdome, everie ane within the boundis of thair office, to caus diligent attendance be gevin that nane of the saidis commoditeis be transportit aganis the tennoure of the saidis actis, bot that thay search, seik, mell and intrometwith the same as thay wilbe answerable upoun the perrell and dewtie of thair offices.

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