Anent the abrogating of the secretaris register

Forsamekle as the estaitis presentlie conveyned, undirstanding the just greif and miscontentment whiche the subjectis of this kingdome of all degreis and rankis hes consavit upoun the erectioun of that unnecessair register callit the register of the secretarie, quhairin all instrumentis of seasing, reversionis, bandis for geving of reversionis and certane utheris writtis specialie and particularlie contenit in the act and statute maid anent the erectioun of that office ar ordanit to be registrat, the same register, serveing for litle or na ether use then to acquire gayne and commoditie to the clerkis, keipairis thairof, and to draw his majesteis good subjectis to neidles, extraordinarie and most unnecessair trouble, tormoyle, fascherie and expenses, howsoevir the generall wele and benefite of the hole estaite wes presendit at the making of that statute; and the saidis estaitis, acknowlegeing and considering that faderlie cair quhilk the kingis most sacred majestie has evir had to avoyd the overchargeing of his heynes subjectis with ony unnecessarie burdyngis, and how that his majestie hes evir abhorred and detested the introductioun of ony new innovationis quhilkis howsoevir by private men for thair particulair gayne wer pretendit for the good and benefite of the estaite do nevirtheles oftymes prove nothing but ane cullour for ane extraordinarie intendit extortioun of his majesteis subjectis; as alsua the saidis estaitis, undirstanding that his sacred majestie hes bene oftymes imported with the complaintis presented unto his hienis upoun the just consavit greif anent this register, thairfore the saidis estaitis, efter good advyse and mature deliberatioun, hes abrogat, repealed and dischargeit and, by vertew and auctoritie of this present act, abrogatis, repealis and dischairgeis the act and statute of conventioun quhairby that register wes erected, beiring dait at Falkland, the last day of Julii, the yeir of God jM vC fourscore nynetene yeiris, or quhatsumevir uther dait or daitis the same be and all ratificationis thairof past sensyne in parliament, ordaning the same to have no strenth, lyffe, force, effect nor executioun in ony tyme cuming, and freethis, exoneris and relevis all his majesteis subjectis of all that neidles and extraordiner burdyne whiche they sustenit by presenting of their evidentis, lettrez and writtis to the saidis registeris, sua that now and fra this furth thay sall nevir acknowlege the same nor be troublit nor burdynit thairwith; and ordanis the lordis of counsale and sessioun and all utheris judgeis within this realme to proceid in all actionis and causes foundit upoun the said statute anent the erectioun of the said register according to the tennoure of this present act, and to sustene all suche lettrez, evidentis and writtis quhilkis be virtew of the said act and statute sould have bene registrat heirefter, althoght the same be nocht registrat; and ordanis thir presentis to be ratifeit and approvin in the nixt parliament.

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