Anent knawlege to be had of every manis dispositioun in his religioun

And to the effect everie manis affectioun and dispositioun in his religioun may be cleirlie and sufficientlie knawin, the estaitis statutis and ordanis that everie archibischop and bischop within the boundis of his awne dyocie sall anes everie yeir gif up to the thesaurair, comptroller, collector and their deputis, and to the directour of oure soverane lordis chancellarie, ane roll subscryvit with his hand, contening the names of all suche personis within his diocie who ar excomunicat for religioun and who ar appostatis and refuises to subscryve, swere and communicat for religioun; and ordanis the said thesaurair and his deputis that they ressave no resignationis nor grant confirmationis nor infeftmentis to nor in favouris of ony of the personis whois names salbe contenit in the said roll, and that the directour of the chancellarie and his deputis gif out no brevis, ressave no retouris, nor direct no preceptis upoun retouris nor upoun compriseingis in favoris of ony of the saidis personis whose names salbe insert in the said roll at na tyme thairefter, quhill the said persone or personis produce unto the said thesaurair, comptroller, directoure of the chancellarie and thair deputis ane sufficient testimoniall subscryvit be the said archibischop or bischop testifeing thair relaxatioun fra the said excommunicatioun and thair obedience and satisfactioun to the kirk, as the said thesaurair, directour of the chancellarie and thair deputis wilbe answerable to his majestie upoun the dewtie of their office. And siklyke the saidis estaitis declairis that it salbe lauchfull to all lordis of regalites and to all superiouris quhatsumevir within this kingdome to refuse brevis and preceptis of clare constat in favouris of ony of the personis quhois names salbe insert in the said roll; as alsua to refuse the entrie of tennentis upoun compriseing, quhose names ar insert in the same roll.

  1. NAS, PC1/24, 383-384. This article is placed out of order within the mss, and a note to this effect is written beside the act, signed by J. Primrose.