Anent these who imbraceis a fals religioun out of the cuntrie

And becaus their is divers personis that passis out of the cuntrey and in the time of their remaneing forth of the same doeth imbrace fals religioun contrarie to that whiche is profest, allowed and manteyned be his majestie, thairfore the saidis estaitis declairis, statutis and ordanis that all and quhatsumevir personis of this kingdome who sall depairt and pas furth of the boundis of Grite Britane to pairtis beyond sea, and sall imbrace ony uther religioun then that quhich is presentlie profest within this kingdome, salbe by vertew and auctoritie of this present act incapable and naway able to brooke ony office or honnour within the kingdome thairefter.

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