Ratificatioun to Maister George Young and James Prymrose of thair pensiounes

25. The estaittis of parliament presentlie convenit ratefeis, approves and confermis the lettre of gift and pensioun maid, gevin and grantit be his majestie to his servitouris Maister George Young and James Prymrose, wrytaris, and assignationis thairin contenit in all and sindrie pointis, clauses and articlis contenit thairintill eftir the forme and tennoure thairof; and declaris that thair saidis giftis of pensioun shall be als valiable and effectuall to thame for bruiking of thair saidis pensiounes, conforme to the tennouris of thair saidis giftis, as gif the samin giftis wer at lenth insert and expressit heirin.

  1. NAS, PA2/17, f.17v-18r.