Ratificatioun in favouris of Johne Strang of his infeftment of Kilranny

22. Oure soverane lord, with advyse and consent of the estaittis of this present parliament, considering the lang, trew and thankfull service done to his majestie be his hienes lovit Johne Strang, sone to Robert Strang in Kilrenny, to have bene proffitable to his majestie and lieges of this realme, hes ratefeit and apprevin and be the authoritie of this present parliament ratefeis and appreves the infeftment grantit be George, archibischop of Sanctandrous, to the said Johne Strang, his airis and assignais, off all and haill the quarter towne and landis of Kilrenny callit the Skeith Quarter thairof, in all pointis, clauses and conditionis thairintill, for the yeirlie payment of the few dueteis mentionat in the samyn, quhilk is of the date the fourt day of Marche, the yeir of God jM vjC and sex yeiris; and findis and declaris that the samin is and sall be in all tymes cummyng ane sufficient, lauchfull and effectuall infeftment to the said Johne Strang and his foirsaidis for bruiking of the saidis landis, and that the conversioun of victuall and utheris dueteis in money mentionat thairintill is na diminutioun of the rentall of the saidis landis, bot that it wes, is and sall be leasome to the said archibischop to have convertit and to convert the fermes, victuall and utheris dueteis of the saidis landis in the said silver duetie specefeit and expressit in the said infeftment, nochwithstanding of quhatsumevir actis of parliament or statute maid or to be maid in the contrair, and specialie of the actis of parliament maid upoun the tent day of December jM vC fourscoir fyve yeiris, ordaning all beneficed persones to leaf thair benefices as they fand thame, and of the act of parliament maid in anno jM vC fourscoir sevintene yeiris, anulling all infeftmentis of fewfermes; with the whilkis actis and all utheris lawes whilkis may be prejudiciall to the said infeftment in any wayes, his majestie, with advyse foirsaid, dispenses, discharges and dirogattis the samin be thir presentis in safar as concernis the said infeftment in all tymes cumming.

  1. NAS, PA2/17, f.17r-v.