Act anent weichtis and mesouris

7. Oure soverane lord and estaittis of this present parliament, haveing consideratioun of the great hurte and skaith that oure soverane lordis lieges hes sustenit and daylie sustenis be the great diversitie and disconformitie of the weichtis, mettis and measures within this realme, notwithstanding of diverse and sindrie actis of parliament maid in the contrair be oure said soverane lordis most worthie progenitouris and be his majesteis self in the parliament haldin at Edinburgh, the xxix day of Julii 1587, and that the negligence of the putting of the saidis actis of parliament to dew executioun is greatest occasioun thairof, it is thairfoir statute and ordanit that ilk schireff, stewartis of royalteis and regaliteis, provestis, bailleis and auldermen of burrowes, ilkane of thame within thair awn boundis and jurisdictioun, put the saidis actis of parliament anent wechtis, mettis and mesouris to dew executioun betuix the date heirof and the first day of Januar nixtocum, under all hiest pane, quhairthrow that thair may be ane universall conformitie of weichtis, mettis and measures throwchout the haill realme; with power also to the foirsaidis judges to tak tryell of false mettis and mesouris, and the usaris of false mettis and measouris haill gudis and geir to be escheat thairfoir.

  1. NAS, PA2/17, f.7v.