2All charges of hornyng aganis persones duelland benorth Die to be direct upoun fyftene dayes at the leist

Oure soverane lord and estaittis of parliament, considering how that his majesties subjectis inhabiting the north pairt of this realme ar oft tymes drawin in great inconvenientis be sindrie charges direct aganis thame, sumtyme for finding of lauborrowis or compeiring befoir his majestie and his counsaill upoun ane simple charge of sex dayes, sua that be the schortnes of tyme and impossibilitie to thame to satisfie the saidis charges within sex dayes inrespect of the far distance of the place of thair residence fra the burgh of Edinburgh they ar oft tymes put under the danger of horning, quhair as gif they had convenient tyme grantit to thame thair wald nocht be sic dissobedience of sic great numberis of his majesties subjectis; for remede quhairof, it is statute and ordanit that na lettres of horning sall be direct aganis ony persones duelland be north the watter of Die upoun ane schorter space nor fyftene dayes at ony tyme heireftir, and the horningis to be useit aganis ony of the saidis persones upoun ane schorter space nor fyftene dayes sall be null and of nane availl.

  1. NAS, PA2/16, f.25v.
  2. 'V' written in margin beside heading.