2Act anent the keiping of pledgis

Forsamekill as in tyme bigane the onlie meane for quieting of the bordouris wes entrie of pledges and the keiping of thame in suirtie, that incais ony enormitie or wrang wer committit be ony of the gang or surname for the quhilk they wer enterit pledges than justice suld be execute aganis the saidis pledges with all rigour; and becaus heirtofoir ane great number of the nobilitie and barones, being burdenit for keiping in suretie sum of the saidis pledges, hes maid thair excuse of the danger and inconvenient that micht occur to thame incaise of the escaipp of ony of the saidis pledges delyverit to thame in keiping, quhilk being easie to be preventit be the mair imprisonment of thame, oure soverane lord and estaittis of parliament findis that nane of the nobilitie and barones being burdenit to ressave ony of the saidis pledges sall refuse to accept thame upoun excuse of ony inconvenient quhatsumevir that may ensew bot sall ressave thame and keip and detene thame ay and quhill the saidis pledges be suittit to be redelyverit be thame and sall be answerabill for thame that they sall nawayes escaip, ilk pledge under the pane of twa thowsand pundis.

  1. NAS, PA2/16, f.23v-24r.
  2. 'V' written in margin beside heading.