Legislation: private act
2Anent the posteritie of Francis, sumtyme erle Bothuell

Oure soverane lord, moveit to consave ane vehement suspicioun aganis the posterities of rebellis foirfaltit for thar treassones attemptit aganis his majesteis persone and estait be the perrellous experience of the horribill and disperat treassoun laitlie interprysit aganis his majesteis awin lyfe be umquhile Johne, erle of Gowrie and umquhile Maister Alexander Ruthven, sonnes of umquhile Williame, erle of Gowrie, quha, being infinitlie obleissit to his hienes clemencie insafar as forgetting the mony and great treassones committit aganis his hienes be thair said umquhile father, of his princelie grace and favour, restorit thame to thair same dignitie, leving and integritie of thair former estaitt, yit being unmyndfull of sa mony and great benefittis, and following the treassonable exampill of thair said father for revenge of his just and lauchfull executioun to the death for his treassonable demeritis, interprysit disperatlie and vylelie to murther his majestie, thair native prince; thairfoir, for preventing of the lyk occasiones, oure said soverane lord, with advyse and consent of the estaittis of this present parliament, statutis and ordinis that the bairnis and posteritie of Francis, sumtyme erle Bothuell and James Dowglas, sumtyme of Spott, sall nevir be habill nor capabill in ony tyme cumming to bruik, joise or posses ony benefices, offices, landis, heretaiges, takkis, stedingis, rowmes, possessionis, successionis, gudis or geir, moveable or immoveable, within this realme bot that oure said soverane lord be himself and utheris haveand his richt to the saidis landis, benefices, offices, gudes or geir hes and in all tyme cumming sall have full and indoubtit richt to the samyn als fullelie in all respectis as the saidis rebellis and thair bairnis and posteritie had or micht have had or clamit to the samin or ony pairt thairof at ony tyme bigane or to cum. And seing oure said soverane lord hes gratefeit diverse his maist faythfull servandis quha hes gevin best pruiff of thair trew affectioun to his hienes service in resistance, persute, bannischement or slauchter of the saidis treatouris and thair complices with the recompances of thair service furth of the saidis foirfaltit tratouris landis and possessionis be heretable infeftmentis, pensionis and utherwayes, to the effect his gude subjectis may be the better incurageit to expone thair lyfes in defence of his royall persone and authoritie and persute of his rebellis and treatouris in tyme cummyng, thairfoir his hienes and estaittis foirsaidis statutis and ordinis that gif it salhappin heireftir his hienes or ony of his successouris to grant thair pardoun, grace, remissioun or restitutioun to ony of the saidis foirfaltit rebellis or thair posteriteis, airis or successouris foirsaidis, the samin sall nawayes be extendit to the landis, heretages, benefices, offices, possessionis and utheris pertening of befoir to the saidis rebellis, thair bairnis or posteritie and disponit be his hienes to ony of his faythfull servandis in recompance of thair gude service bot that the samyn sall perpetualie remane with thame, thair airis and successouris as ane dew recompance for thair loyaltie, nochtwithstanding of ony grace, pardoun, remissioun or restitutioun onywayes to be grantit to the saidis traitouris or ony of thame in tyme cumming.

  1. NAS, PA2/16, f.20r-v.
  2. 'P' written in margin beside heading.