2Act in favouris of James Lundy

3Oure soverane lord and estaittis of this present parliament, understanding that Robert Jowsie, mercheand burges of Edinburgh, wes addettit to James Lundie, brother germane to Johnne Lundie of that Ilk, in the sowme of thrie thowsand merkis usuall money of this realme, and als that Christeane Ruthven, spous to the said James Lundie, wes infeft be umquhile Johnne, erll of Gowrie, in all and haill ane annuelrent of twa hundreth merkis yeirlie to be upliftit furth of the landis of Culgask under reversioun of the sowme of twa thowsand merkis, off the quhilkis sowmeis our said soverane lord is maist willing that the said James resave payment and satisfactioun conforme to his majesteis promeis maid to him of befoir; thairfoir, his hienes and estaittis of this present parliament decerneis and declaris that it salbe leasum to his hienes, with advyise of the comptroller, to dispone and wodsett fyve hundreth merkis of yeirlie annuelrent furth of ony pairt of his majesteis proper landis now annext to the crowne to the said James Lundie, his airis and assigneyis and decerneis and declaris the said wodsett and alienatioun to be lauchfull, guid and sufficient rycht to the said James Lundie to intrometwith, bruik and possess the said annuelrent yeirlie according to the ordour of wodsettis ay and quhill the said annuelrent be lauchfullie redemiet be payment of the said sowme of fyve thowsand merkis be his hienes or his successouris to the said James Lundie and his foirsaidis, nochtwithstanding the actis of annexatioun annexand the samyn landis out of the quhilk the said annuelrent suld be upliftit to the crowne, actis of parliament or statuttis quhatsumevir that may onywyis derogat or be prejudiciall to the foirsaid infeftment to be grantit of the foirsaid annuelrent, with the quhilkis annexatioun, actis and statuttis oure soverane lord and estaittis dispenses for evir.

  1. NAS, PA2/16, f.19r.
  2. 'P' written in margin beside heading.
  3. This act is written in a different hand, which is similar to that of 1600/11/68.