2Act in favouris of the vassellis of the erldome of Gowrie

Oure soverane lord and haill estaittis of this present parliament, remembering the godlie and nochtable act maid in his majesteis parliament haldin at Striviling in the moneth of August the yeir of God jM vC threscoir ellevin yeiris in favouris of his hienes trew and faythfull subjectis for bruiking of thair landis, heretages, annualrentis, lyfrentis, pensionis or possessionis quhatsumevir haldin of ony persones callit and foirfaltit in the said parliament, nochtwithstanding the foirfalting of thair superiouris thairof; and his hienes now being willing and fullelie resoluit to renew the foirsaid act and to grant the benefite and favour thairin contenit to all his faythfull and trew subjectis quha, or thair predecessouris to quhome they ar airis or the last apperant airis albeit as yit nocht enterit, held landis, heretagis, annualrentis, lyfrentis, mylnis, woddis, fischeingis or uther possessionis quhatsumevir of umquhile Johne, sumtyme erle of Gowrie, or ony of his predecessouris; thairfoir oure said soverane lord, with advyse of the saidis estaittis and haill bodie of this present parliament, statutis, ordinis and declaris that all his hienes faythfull and trew subjectis, thair airis and successouris being nawayes culpabill of the abhominabill and horribill crymes of treassoun and lesemajestie attemptit be the said umquhile Johne, sumtyme erle of Gowrie, aganis his grace maist nobill persone sall bruik, jois and posses all thair landis, heretagis, woddis, mylnis, fischeingis, annualrentis, lyfrentis, takkis, rentallis and possessionis quhatsumevir haldin be thame or thair predecessouris of the said umquhile Johne, sumtyme erle of Gowrie, or his predecessouris, and hald the samyn of oure said soverane lord, his hienes successouris and utheris, thair nixt immediat superiouris, thair airis and successouris, conforme to thair infeftmentis, richtis and securiteis thairof in all pointis, siclyk and als frelie in all respectis as gif the proces and dome of foirfaltour had nevir bene led, deducit nor pronuncit aganis the said umquhile Johne, sumtyme erle of Gowrie, in this present parliament, and als nochtwithstanding of the act maid in his hienes parliament haldin at Edinburgh, the aucht day of Junii the yeir of God jM vC fourscoir fourtene yeiris, annulling the actis of parliament maid in favouris of vassellis of persones foirfaltit, to the quhilk act and all utheris actis, statutis or constitutionis maid at ony tyme of befoir and maid or to be maid in this present parliament, thir presentis makis and sall mak full derogatioun; and that in favouris alanerlie of the saidis persones quha, or thair predecessouris, held landis, heretages and utheris foirsaidis of the said umquhile Johne, sumtyme erle of Gowrie, or his predecessouris as said is, the foirsaidis vassellis and ilkane of thame payand to his majestie and his successouris or ony utheris thair nixt immediat superiouris for ilk tuentie schilling land quhilk they held of befoir of the Erle of Gowrie ten pundis money of this realme betuix and Witsonday nixttocum for compositioun.

  1. NAS, PA2/16, f.19r.
  2. 'V' written in margin beside heading.