The Earle of Angus, leiutenant of the West Marche

The quhilk day the barronis of the West Merche, haifing sutit that Williame, erle of Angus, lord Douglas and Abirnethy, sould continew in his charge of lieutennandrie of the west merche quhilk he hes dischargit this lang tyme bigane, and thay promeissing faithfullie to concur and assist with him in all thingis for pacifeing of the said west merche and for forthering and advanceing of him in the said office of lieutennandrie, the said Erle of Angus than instantlie in presence of oure soverane lord and estaittis acceptit the said office and charge in and upoun him and promeist to continew thairin and to discharge the same faithfullie for his majesties service and quieting of the cuntrie ay and quhill he mak his hienes and his counsall acquent that he wald use the same na langer and that sum uther officiar be apointit for discharge thairof.

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