Procedure: commission to the privy council regarding the accounts of taxation

The kingis majestie, his nobilitie, counsall and estaittis presentlie convenit gevis and grantis full power and commissioun, expres biding and charge to the lordis of his hienes privie counsall (or ony nyne, aucht or sevin of thame, to be nominat be his majestie) to heir and examine the comptis of Mark, lord of Newbottill, collectour of the taxatioun of ijC M merkis grantit to his majestie be his estaittis in the moneth of December jM vC lxxxxvij yeiris, allowancis and dischargis upoun the same comptis of the taxatioun to gif, subscryve and delyver, and the same compt to fute, end and subscryve, and generallie all and sindrie utheris thingis to do, exerce and use that to the executioun of this commissioun is necessairlie requyrit, firme and stabill.

  1. NAS, PA8/1, f.20v. This convention appears in the mss before the preceding meeting of 1 February. It has been placed here in chronological order.