Act anent meale makers

Forsamekle as thair is ane greit abuse usit be meilmakeris within the boundis of Lowthiane in caussing grind the haill aittis and schilling and making mair meill in ane boll greit aittis nor ane boll meill, quhairthrow the haill subjectis susteinis greit lose and skayth in paying als deir for dust and seidis as gif the samyn wes guid meill; for remeid quhairof, the kingis majestie and estaittis presentlie convenit hes gevin and grantit full power and commissioun to Schir Johnne Cokburne of Ormestoun, knicht, justice clerk, Schir Richart Cokburne of Clarkingtoun, knicht, lord preavie seall, Maister David McGill of Cranstounriddell, senatouris of the college of justice, Maister Williame Hart of Livelandis, justice, Maister George Lawder of Bass, Schir Patrik Hepburne of Lufnes, knicht, and Johnne Touris of Innerleyth, or ony thrie of thame, to convein and set doun sum solid ordour and forme how that bygane fault committit be the meillmakeris may be amendit, and that the leigis be not langer abusit be bying of sic meill, the maist pairt thairof being dust and seidis; and quhatevir thai sall conclude, deliberat and determine thairanent to have the lyik force, strenth and effect as it wer concludit in this present conventioun.

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