Proclamation: against the rebels in the north
Proclamatioun to meit at Dumbartane2

The kingis majestie, his nobilitie, counsall and estaitis presentlie convenit, considering the proude rebellioun, defectioun and dissobedience of the inhabitantis of Kintyre and utheris pairtis of the illis and hielandis of this realme, subject for the maist parte this mony yeiris bygane to all kynd of insolence, barbaritie and crueltie, not onlie in committing of vyle and beistlie murthouris, slauchteris, reiff, thift, oppin herschippis, oppressionis and depredationis upoun his majesteis peceable and guid subjectis, inhabitantis of the cuntreyis nixt adjacent, bot every ane of thame maist unnaturallie puttand violent handis in utheris, besydis innumerable utheris tressonabill, monstrous and odious crymes committit be sum of the cheiff personis, inhabitantis of the saidis illis, quha nawayis acknawlegeis his majestie as thair soverane lord and king, nather payand thair malles, dewteis, exactionis and customes to his hienes, his comptrollar and ordiner officiaris, the same mailles, dewteis and customes being a grit parte of his majesteis proper rent and patrimonie of his croun quhairupoun his princely porte and estait sould be sustenit. And thairfoir his majestie is resolvit to repair in proper persone to Kintyre and utheris the illis and hieland pairtis of this realme with all convenient expeditioun for abandoning and reduceing of the saidis unnaturall, rebellious and dissobedient personis to the acknawlegeing of his hienes and his lawis and compelling of thame to mak payment of his majesteis proper rentis and dewteis in tyme coming, for the quhilk purpois necesser it is that his hienes be weill and substantiouslie accompanyed with a force of his faithfull, loving and gude subjectis. And thairfoir his majestie, with advise of his saidis nobilitie, counsall and estaitis, ordanis letteris to be direct chargeing all and sindrie erllis, lordis, barronis, fewaris and frehalderis vailyeant in yeirlie rent the soume of thre hundreth merkis, ather in heretage or annuelrent, betuix sextie and sextene yeiris duelland within the boundis of the schirefdomes of Dumbartane, Renfrew, Bute, Carrik and Cunyngham and nether ward of Cliddisdaill, alsweill regalitie as ryaltie, togidder with the inhabitantis of the burrowis of Dumbartane, Glasgw, Air, Irwing, Renfrew, Rothesay and Paislay, be oppin proclamatioun at the mercat croceis of the same burrowis, that thai and ilkane of thame weill bodin in feir of weir, with schippis, crearis, boittis and all utheris veschellis and provisioun requisite and necesser for transporting of thame to the saidis hieland pertis and fra ile to ile within all the boundis thairof during all the tyme that thai salbe occupeit in that service, addres thame selffis to meit his majestie at the burgh of Dumbartane upoun the tuenty day of August nixtocum, provydit to imbark and pas forthwart thairfra to the saidis illis and hielandis, and to attend and accompany his hienes for the space of fourty dayis efter thair cuming to the effect forsaid undir the pane of tinsell of lyffe, landis and guidis.

  1. NAS, PC1/16, 610-611.
  2. This is preceded by three privy council acts. APS did not insert the new date, leaving this act as if it were made on the previous day.