Anent the setting in tak of the custumes and impostis of wyne

Oure soverane lord, nobilitie and estaitis presentlie convenit hes fundin it meit and expedient that alsweill his majesties outward and inward custumes as the impostis of the wynis be set in tak be Schir George Home of Wedderburne, knycht, comptroller, to sic personis as will geve maist for the samyn, and that for the space of fyve yeiris nixtocum, the said comptroller takand suirtie for payment of the dewteis contenit in the said tak. And oure said soverane lord and estaitis declairis that the said tak salbe effectuall and valiable to the saidis persounis, obteinaris of the same, for the space foirsaid, notwithstanding of quhatsumever act of parliament maid dischargeing the setting of the saidis custumes, with quhilkis actis his hienes and estaitis foirsaidis dispenses for the present. Sic subscribitur, James R[ex].

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