Procedure: clerk's notes

2This hole buik conteinethe fourscoir of wrettin leaves.3

  1. NAS, PA2/15, unnumbered folios after f.80v.
  2. Except for this statement from the clerk, the mss gives out here. There follow two wholly blank folios and then a third which is mostly blank but has some late 16th century script at the top of the verso. It seems to say: '... safety ... the justice quhair Francis, sumtyme erle of Bothuel is daitit the xxv Junij 1591 ... act of parliament ratifeing the said convictioun ... daittit fyft of Junij 1592.' This folio also contains what appears to be a number of practice-run doodles and, upside down on the verso, 'Book 19' in what looks like a 17th century hand.
  3. This is written in what looks like a mid-17th century hand. It seems to be there because, although there are more than 80 folios, only 80 are written on and therefore only 80 are numbered.