Act in favoris of Williame, erle of Angus, George, erle of Huntlie and Francis, erle of Erroll

The kingis majestie, with advyis of his estaitis of parliament, of his naturall clemencie and for continewance of universall concord and peax amangis his subjectis, and for the gritar promptitude and reddines to his hienes service in tym cumming, and speciallie being of that dispositioun and mynd that the crymis and materis contenit in the proces of foirfaltour now reducit and retretit be decreit of parliament sall nevir be heireftir rememberit, hes abolishit and be thir presentis abolishis all actioun and quarrell that oure soverane lord or his successoris hes or may haif and pretend aganis Williame, erle of Angus, George, erle of Huntlie, Francis, erle of Erroll, Schir Patrik Gordoun of Auchindoun, knycht, thair airis, successoris and posteritie for the allegit crymis and offencis mentionat in the said proces of foirfaltour and all uthairis following or depending thairupon, renunceand and dischargeand his hienes actioun and entres for him and his successoris for now and evir. And forther oure said soverane lord, in consideratioun that at diverse tymis heirtofoir they had sindrie conventionis upon the feildis quhair thair was bluidshed and slauchter committit, fyre rasit, with certane intromissionis and depredationis of gudis and geir upon the difference arrising betuix tham or sum of tham and utheris his hienes subjectis, and oure said soverane lord, willing that thai sall nocht be trublit thairfoir in tym cumming for ony actioun and enteres that is competent to his majestie, payne, penaltie or punishement that may follow thairupon, thairfoir oure said soverane lord and thrie estaitis foirsaidis hes abolishit and abolishes all actioun and accusatioun, payne, penaltie and punishement following thairupon competent to his hienes aganis the saidis personis or ony of thair complicis or assistaris for ony fact or deid committit be tham or ony of tham, thair complicis and assistaris foirsaidis sen the first day of Maii jM vC lxxxxij yeris.

  1. NAS, PA2/15, f.76v.