Act in favour of Schir Robert Melvill

Oure soverane lord and estaitis in parliament, understanding that his hienes trustie counsalour Schir Robert Melvill of Murdocarny, knycht, being thesaurar deput to his majestie and haveing dishargit ane faythfull dewtie thairin, he, at his hienes desyre, dimittit the office thairof upon promeis maid to him be his majestie that his hienes suld sie him satisfeit of all his superexpensis; thairfoir his majestie, with advyis of the saidis estaitis of this present parliament, promittis to see the said Schir Robert satisfeit and payit of his saidis superexpensis conform to the act of parliament maid thairanent, to the effect he may satisfie his creditoris, and in the metyme dischargis the lordis of counsale and sessioun and all uthairis juges quhatsumevir of all proceding aganis the said Schir Robert at the instance of quhatsumevir pertiis or geveing of proces, decreittis or letteris aganis him for payment of his dettis quhill he be first payit of his saidis superexpensis. And oure soverane lord and estaitis foirsaidis declaris that this act salbe extendit and interpreit in favoris of the said Schir Robert for the dettis contractit be him for oure soverane lordis use allanerlie, and that his hienes and auditoris of the chaker sall tak ordour for the said Schir Robertis dett and his creditoris according to ane act of counsale maid theranentis.

  1. NAS, PA2/15, f.74v.