Auld unlawes ar valued and amplified

Oure soverane lord and estaitis foirsaidis, considderand the greit contempt done be the maist pairt of the liegis of this realme chairgeit2 upoun assises or to do onie uthair thing upoun small pecuniall panes of unlawis, quhilkis panis beis sua small that thai respect not the samyn bot dissobeyis oure soverane lordis authoritie, thairfoir it is statut and ordanit be oure soverane lord and thre estaittis that quhensoevir onie persone contravenis onie lawis, statute or act of parliament maid ofbefoir continand ane speciall pecuniall pane and unlaw, that he sall pay for ilk tuell penneis of unlaw of auld, ten schillingis of present current money of this realme, and for ilk tuentie schillingis of auld, ten pundis of present money, and sua furthe proportionallie; and this ordinance to be understand of pecuniall panis and unlawes contenit in the lawis of this realme maid and constitut befoir the first day of Marche in the yeir of God 1542.

  1. NAS, PA2/15, f.70r.
  2. APS reads 'liegis of this realme quha ar chairgeit to pas ...', which interpolation is taken from the contemporary printed collection of acts, Sir John Skene, Lawes and Actes of Parliament, maid be King James the First and his successors Kings of Scotland - The XV Parliament of King James the Sext, halden at Edinburgh, the nineteenth day of December, the yeir of God, ane thousand, five hundreth, ninetie seven yeirs (Edinburgh, 1597), p.171.