It is not lesum to slay deir, rais, hares, wylde foules or dowes

Oure soverane lord and estaitis of this present parliament ratefeis, apprevis and confermis the actis, lawis and constitutionis maid be his hienes and his predicessouris of worthie memorie of befoir aganis the schutting and slaying of deare, rais, hareis, wyldfoullis and dovis with hagbuttis, hand guns, croce bowes and pistollatis and taking of thame with girnis and nettis, and ordanis the same to be put to dew executioun in all tyme heireftir with this aditioun: that it salbe lesum to every schireff, steuart, baillie and barroune within his awin boundis to slay all lying doggis quhilkis the foullaris usis for slauchter of the said wyld foullis, and tak and apprehend the saidis foullis2 thame selffis and put thame in stockis and detene thame thairin for the space of 48 houris als oft as thai be apprehendit.

  1. NAS, PA2/15, f.70r.
  2. APS changes this to 'foull[eris]'.