Registratioun of lettres of horning, relaxationis, inhibitionis suld be maid judiciallie or befoir ane notar and four witneses of the judge refusand the registratioun

It is statut and ordanit that all registrationis of lettres of horning, relaxationis, inhibitionis, interdictionis befoir quhatsumevir stewart, schireff or bailleis, alsweill of royaltie as regalitie, be athair registrat in tyme cuming judiciallie or befoir ane notar and four famous witneses by and attour the ordiner clark; and incais onie schireff, baillie and2 steuart, alsueill of royaltie as regalitie, refusis to registrat the foirsaidis lettres of horning, relaxationis, interdictionis and uthairis of the lik sort, that the partie quha presentis the samyn lettres to be registrat tak instrumentis of the said refusall and presentit the samyn lettres thaireftir to the nixt steuart, schiref or baillie or to the clerk of registar and his deputtis to be deput be him, to the effect the samin may be registrat in the bukis of counsall; quhilk registratioun salbe als sufficient as gif the samin lettres war registrat in the schireff, stewart or bailleis bukis quhair the saidis personis duellis.

  1. NAS, PA2/15, f.70r.
  2. APS changes this to '[or]'.