All cocquettis suld be speciall and contene the perticular kyndis of merchandice

Item, it is statut and ordanit for eshewing of the damnage and skayth quhilk dalie arrysis throuche generall and informall cocquettis gevin and grantit unto2 this realme, that in all tymis cumming all clerkis of the cocquheit sall perticularlie expreme and specifie in the cokquettis gevin be tham the perticular quantitie of the gudis and merchandeis, the speciall kyndis and sortes thairof, the names of the merchandis and awneris of the same, howmekle of the same gudis pertenis to ilk merchand and that the conservatour in the law countreyis admit nor allow ony cokquett except it be writtin and formit in maner foirsaid, bot sall confiscat all the saidis gudis nocht expremit perticularlie as said is, and mak compt and rakning thairof yeirlie to the thesaurar as he will answer upoun his office.

  1. NAS, PA2/15, f.68v.
  2. APS changes this to '[within]'.