Act anent exemptionis fra assyises

The kingis majestie, with avise of his nobilitie, counsaill and esteatis presentlie convenit, considering the grite abuse quhilk hes bene in tyme bigane be granting of exemptionis fra assyises to divers personis being of gude helth and sufficient habilitie to travell and within the age subject to his hienes proclamationis and chargeis to pas upoun assyises, and that upoun verie fals narratives of thair age and inhabilitie, quhairby his majestie hes bene frustrat in administratioun of justice, being disapointit be the saidis exemptionis of ane full noumer of assise to pas upoun the tryall of sic gilty personis as wer upoun pannell. For remeid quhairof, his majestie, with advise foirsaid, statutis and ordanis that all sic exemptionis frome assyises as ar grantit to ony persone quhatsumevir heirtofoir (being within the age appointit be the law and of abilitie to travell) sall nawayes excuse thame frome passing upoun assyises, or in thair absence salbe na warrand for to stay thair unlawing ay and quhill the nixt parliament, that his majestie and esteatis thair tobe convenit sett doun sum solide ordour thairanent. Dischargeing his hienes justice, justice clark and thair deputis in the meantyme off ony ressaving or admitting of ony of the saidis exemptionis for ony personis, being within the age of law and able of body as said is. Provyding alwayes that the inhabitantis of the burrowis of this realme be na forder astrictit nor oblist to pas upoun assyises of ony personis bot quhen the cryme quhairupoun the persone tobe accused is committit within the space of foure mylis to the burgh quhair the saidis personis summond to pas upoun assise duellis.

  1. NAS, PC1/16, 522.