Annexatioun of certane custumes and impoistis to the croun

The kingis majestie, his nobilitie, counsaill and esteatis presentlie convenit, calling to mynd the auld league and amitie, sindre allyas, grite freindship, hairtlie kyndnes and confederacie quhilkis hes contineuit betuix his majestie and his darrest bruthir the maist Christine king of France, thair progenitouris, realmis, dominionis and subjectis congratulat and intertenyit fra tyme to tyme, and quhat prerogatives, prefermentis, honnouris, previlegeis and benifeitis hes redoundit thairby to all esteatis of personis, his hienes subjectis, bot cheiflie to the maircheant estate, to quhome above all utheris a speciall respect and consideratioun hes bene had in granting unto thame a discharge of thair custumes and utheris dewiteis of all soirtis of wairis and mercheandice brocht within the realme of France or transportit furth of the samin, besydis sindrie uthiris liberteis and privilegeis tending greitlie to thair proffeitt and advancement, preferring thame in that respect not onlie to the subjectis of all uthiris foreyne realmis and nationis, bot als to his said darrest bruthiris awne naturall and borne subjectis of the said realme of France; quhairanent na alteratioun nor novatioun hes bene maid thir mony yeiris bigane, quhill now of lait that sindrie impoistis and exactionis hes bene rased of the guidis of the saidis maircheantis of this realme be ressoun of the civile trouble and insurrectioun quhilk hes intervenit within the cuntrey of France thir divers yeiris bigane, be the quhilk forme of doing his majestie, finding the said auld league tobe sumquhat infringeit and alterit and the saidis maircheantis of this realme thairby gritlie prejugeit, for remeid thairof, his hienes, with advise of his saidis nobilitie, counssale and esteatis, hes thocht meit and concludit to direct his trusty and weilbelovit counsallour Maister Johnne Lindsay of Balcarras, his hienes secretair, as his majesteis ambassadour to the said realme of France, with all convenient expeditioun, to procuir at his said darrest bruthiris handis a speciall discharge of the saidis impostis and exactionis and to have the auld liberteis and previlegeis of the saidis mercheantis of this realme observit and keipit in tyme cuming, requiring in that respect that the same maircheantis to quhome this benefeit is cheiflie extendit micht be movit to aggree to the making of his honnourable chargeis and expenses requisite for this message. And sindre of the commissionaris of his hienes burrowis being personalie present, ansuerit that a generall contributioun being appointit tobe collectit of the haill esteatis to this effect, thay wald be content to contribute for thair pairtis, as thocht the benefeit wer commoun to thame all, howbeit the uther esteatis hes not reportit, nather is liklie to reporte, ony kynd of commoditie thairby, bot the same commoditie altogidder tobe convertit to the use of the saidis maircheantis. And thairfoir his majestie, inrespect of thair said ansuer, hes, with avise of his saidis nobilitie, counsaill and esteatis, concludit and resolvit and be thir presentis concludis and resolvis, decernis and ordanis that quhatsumevir benefeit or commoditie sall redound to the said maircheant estate be the procuring of the said discharge of the saidis custumes, impoistis and exactionis of thair guidis and maircheandice, or be the observatioun of thair formair liberteis and previlegeis grantit to thame of auld, or uthirwayes quhatsumevir be his message, that they salbe compellit to mak payment of the same custumes, impoistis and exactionis to his hienes and his successouris, thair comptrollaris and officiaris comptand fra the day of the procuring of the same discharge and all tymes thaireftir, and lettres and executoriallis salbe direct at thair instance to this effect in forme as effeiris; quhilkis custumes, impoistis and exactionis his hienes, with avise of his saidis nobilitie, counsale and esteatis, presentlie annexis and incorporatis to remane with his majestie and his successouris as propir rent to his croune for evir. Lyke as his majestie, with avise foirsaid, hes alsua concludit and resolvit that the saidis mercheantis of this realme sall nawayes raise the pryceis of thair wairis and mercheandice upoun his hienes leigis be ressoun of this present act and conclusioun, bot that the same wairis and maircheandice sall remane in the estate that it is presentlie, unalterable in the prices thairof in ony sorte at all tymes heireftir.

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