Legislation: private act
Act anent the ministeris houses of Edinburgh etc.

2The kingis majestie, with avise of his nobilitie and counsale presentlie convenit, in respect of the libertie quhilk the ministeris of Edinburgh hes had be thair remaning and habitatioun togidder be thame selffis and thair famileis within the circuit of ane clois, and sindrie tressonis, convocationis and conspiraceis quhilkis be that occasioun sindrie tymes and of lait hes bene maid of noblemen, baronis, gentilmen and uthairis his hienes subjectis thairin aganis his majestie, his counsale and gude subjectis, hes now concludit and resolvit that in all tymes cuming the ordinair pastouris and ministeris of the said burgh salbe ludgeit within severall houses within the same burgh, and that the saidis houses and haill boundis within the circuit of the said clois laitlie possest be thame salbe possest in tyme cuming be his majestie or sic as his hienes sall appoint, quhairthrou his majestie at sum tymes as his hienes salhave occasioun may remane, dyne or keip counsale thairin; and that the laich tolbuith ewest thairto, now callit the townis counsalhous, salbe appointit and keipit for the chekker in all tymes heireftir; and ordanis the provest and baillies of the said burgh to mak the saidis houses and laich tolbuith void, red and patent to this effect with all convenient expeditioun as they will answer to his hienes upoun thair obediens.

  1. NAS, PC1/16, 508.
  2. 'a: b:' written in darker ink immediately below the title in the margin.