Act aganis his majesteis tratouris and rebellis

The quhilk day the kingis majestie, with advise of his nobilitie, counsall and esteatis presentlie convenit, hes thocht meit, concludit and resolvit that his hienes declairit tratouris, rebellious and unnaturall subjectis, thair assistaris and pairttakaris salbe persute be actioun ayther be his majesteis selff in persone or be his hienes lieutennent with all convenient expeditioun, incais George, sumtyme erll of Huntlie and Frances, sumtyme erll of Errole remove not forth of this realme according to the promeis, actis, bandis and obligationis maid and gevin thairanent; as alswa that the penalteis and sowmes exprest in the saidis actis and bandis salbe exactlie taken up and na pairt thairof dischargeit, bot altogidder applyit to the payment of the wageit men that salbe taken up for this purpois. And to this effect, that thair cautionaris be callit and convenit befoir his majestie and counsale, sasone as convenientlie may be, to heir and see the saidis actis and bandis decernit tobe contravenit, and thairfoir the same cautionaris to have incurrit and to incur the saidis panes and sowmes contenit thairintill, and lettrez direct for uptaking and payment thairof to his majesteis use, according to the ordour usit in sic caises. And siclyke that the ressettaris of the saidis sumtyme erllis and of uthiris his hienes declairit tratouris, rebellious and unnaturall subjectis expres aganis the tennour of the lait bandis, actis and proclamationis maid in the contrair be alswa callit and convenit, and the panes and soumes expressit thairin lykwayes intromettit with and applyit to the use foirsaid. And inlyke maner that the levingis of the saidis declairit tratouris and rebellious personis be haillilie intromettit with be sic as his majestie hes appointit or sall appoint chalmerlanis and factouris to that effect, and usit and applyit to the use foirsaid, or uthirwayes as his hienes sall think gude. And forder, that the Lady Huntlie salbe chargeit to repair to the citie of Sanctandrois and to bring with hir hir eldest sone within [...] dayis nixteftir sho be chargeit thairto, thair to remane quhill forder ordour be tane with thame as appertenis, undir the pane of rebellioun etc., with certificatioun etc.; and the lyke charge tobe gevin to the Lady Errole for hir repairing to the place of Dalkeith within [...] dayis nixteftir sho be deliverit of hir present birth, thair lykwayes to remane quhill the lyke ordour to be tane with hir, undir the said pane of rebellioun etc., with certificatioun etc. And last, that proclamationis be maid at the mercat croceis of the heid burrowis of this realme commanding and chargeing all his majesteis liegis that nane of thame tak upoun hand to ressett, supplee nor intercommoun with the saidis declairit tratouris, rebellious and unnaturall subjectis, nor yit with sic as assisted and come in armes with thame aganis his majesteis lieutennent and as yit hes gottin na remissioun nor pardoun thairfoir, nor yit with Jesuitis, seminarie preistis and excommunicat personis, nor furneis thame meit, drink, house nor harborie, nor uthirwayes have intelligence with thame privatlie nor publictlie be lettrez, messageis nor na uthir maner of way, bot to tak and apprehend thame, giff thay be of power swa to do, or uthirwayes to notifie thair being and resorting in quhatsumevir parte to the schireff of that shyre, provest and baillies of that burgh or uthiris of greitast pouer and habilitie nixt adjacent to the pairtis quhair thay ar, quhairthrou thay may be apprehendit; quhome his majestie ordanis to do thair exact diligence for thair apprehensioun; as alswa for apprehensioun of the personis undirwrittin quhilkis ar notorlie knawne to have bene at the raid aganis his hienes lieutennent, and as yit hes not ressavit his majesteis pardoun thairfoir, thay are to say: [...] Wode, youngair, of Bonnytoun, [...] Wode of Latoun, Patrik Buttir, Johnne Ogilvy of the Craig, Williame Ogilvy of Qwene, Robert Gray in Balgarroch, Maister Alexander Ramsay in Brechin and uthiris of the lyke estate and conditioun, and to bring and present thame befoir his majestie tobe punist for thair demereitis conforme to the lawis of this realme as the saidis schireffs, stewartis, provestis and baillies of burrowis and uthiris his hienes liegis will ansuer to his majestie upoun thair obedience at thair uttermost charge and perrell, and undir the panes of tressoun, rebellioun and putting of thame to the horne; certifeing thame and thay be found remisse or negligent heirin or uthirwayes contravenis ony parte of this present proclamatioun, that thai sall not onlie be denunceit his hienes rebellis and putt to the horne and all thair movable guidis esheit and inbrocht to his majesties use for thair contemptioun, bot alswa salbe repute, haldin and estemit as arte and perttakaris with the saidis declairit tratouris in all thair tressounable wicked deidis and salbe persewit and punist thairfoir indifferentlie with thame to the deid with all rigour and extremitie in example of uthairis.

  1. NAS, PC1/16, 373-374. Pagination continues from the previous volume.