Procedure: commission to investigate the scarcity of low denomination coin
Commissioun to treat upoun the small money

Forsamekle as the kingis majestie exponit and declairit to his nobilitie, counsall and esteaties presentlie convenit hou that it hes bene havelie lamentit oftymes to his hienes be a grite noumer of his majesteis subjectis that, be the grite scairstie of small money presentlie current within this realme, not onlie is the exchange of gold and silver and of all soirtis of small wairis and merchandice gritelie hinderit, bot his majesteis subjectis of the meanest degree and rank, quha for the maist parte wer occupiit and proffeitit be the making of the said exchange, ar now cheiflie interest and prejugeit. For remeid quhairof in tyme comming, his majestie, with advise of his saidis nobilitie, counsall and esteatis, hes given and grantit his hienes full pouer and commisioun, express bidding and charge to Sir Thomas Lyoun of Auldbar, master of Glammis, his hienes thesaurer, Maister David Mckgill of Cranstounriddell, advocat, Maister Johnne Skene, clerk of register, George Hume of Weddirburne, Alexander Hume of Northberuick Mains, provost of Edinburgh, and Williame Litill, burgess of Edinburgh, conjunctlie, to convene, consult and advise be quhat forme and ordour the said exchange may be best intertenyit and quhat beis thocht maist meit and convenient be thame, to reporte the same at the nixt generall conventioun of the saidis nobilitie, counsall and esteatis, that the samin, being found allowable be thame, may be followit oute, to the ease of his majesteis subjects and commounwele of the realme.

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