Exceptionis fra the act intitulat 'Annulling of pensionis furth of the erectionis sen the annexatioun'

The kingis majestie and estaitis of this present parliament exceptis and reservis frome the act tuiching the annulling of pensionis furth of the erectionis sen the annexatioun2 all pensionis and utheris dispositionis maid be his majestie to the personis following furth of the same,3 thay ar to say Ludovik, duke of Lennox, Williame, commendater of Toungland, Maister Piter Young of Seytoun, Thomas Erskin of Gogar and his brether, Michaell and Williame Elphinstonis, brether to the Lord Elphingstoun, Andro Melvill, maister houshald to his majestie, Patrik Murray and Patrik Hume of Polwart, Alexander Young, ane of the ischearis of his majesties chalmer, Maister Andro Blakhall, minister at Mussilburgh, Maister Patrik Galloway and Johne Dunkiesoun, ministeries to his majestie; and ordanis thair saidis pensionis and utheris dispositionis foirsaidis to stand in thair full strenth notwithstanding4 the said act.

  1. NAS, PA2/15, immediately after f.58v. This is a single unfoliated sheet, written only on one side.
  2. 'erectionis sen the annexatioun' is written in superscript above the deleted 'few dewties and erectionis maid in the samyn parliament'.
  3. 'same' written in superscript above the deleted 'saidis few males and blenche dewties parliament'.
  4. 'this present act' is crossed out.