Ratificatioun to Maister Henrie Keir

Oure soverane lord, having consideratioun of the faithfull service done be Maister Henrie Keir of Greneland, his domestik serrvitour, nocht onlie to him selff bot also to the quene, his majesties umquhile darest mother, having continuit lang in hir service as ane of hir secretaris with small commoditie, as yit, albeit he had his majesties promeis of recompance, and speciallie quhen the said Maister Henry at his majesties desire renuncit and gaif owr the landis of Helderhaill, being ten or tuell chalderis wictuall be yeir in heretage upoun assurit promeis of ane just recompans; for acknawlegeing of ane pert thairof, his majestie, with avise of the estatis of this perliament, hes ratifiit, apprevit and confirmit ane yeirlie pensioun of tua chalderis wictuall, half malt and half meill, disponit to the said Maister Henrie and to George Keir, younger, his sone, during thair lyftymes be Maister Williame Erskin, now archebischop of Glasgw, with consent of his majestie, and of his traist cousing Ludovic, duke of Lennox, to be upliftit furth of the reddiest of the fruittis, proventis and emolumentis of the said bischoiprie, as at mer lenth is contenit in the said gift, in all pointis, articles and clauses of the same; and willis and declaris that the said gift and dispositioun sall stand for ane perpetuall securitie to the saidis Maister Henrie and his sone during thair lyvetyme and the langest levair of thame tua. And that but ony impediment of ony taxatioun, compositioun or contributionis to be pait be thame for the same, or yet subject to ony reductioun incace the pensionis of the said archebischoprie be onyway quarrellit for dilapidatioun of the fruittis of the same or dispositioun of mair nor the thrid thairof in pensioun; and notwithstanding of the act of annexatioun, ordaning na pert of the temporall landis to be disponit bot in augmentatioun of the rentall, and of all utheris actis of annexatioun and ratificatioun maid or to be maid repunging heirto, with the quhilkis haill his majestie dispenses thairanent; and declaris that the said gift and pensioun salbe nawyis subject thairunto na mair then that the said gift of pensioun had bene specially contenit and reservit thairin, renunceing all actioun and instance that his majestie has or may have for impunging and quarrelling of ony pert of the said pensioun or validitie thairof; and dischargis his majesties thesaurair, collectour, comptroller and advocat of all persewing, molesting or trubling of the saidis Maister Henrie and his sone in the peceable bruiking of the same pensioun during thair lyftymes.

  1. NAS, PA2/15, f.56v.