Ratificatioun to the Duik of Lennox

Forsamekle as oure soverane lord hes gevin and grantit to his hienes darrest cousing Ludovic, duke of Lennox, erll Darnelie, lord Torboltoun, Methven and Aubigne etc. during all the dayis of his lyftyme all and haill the temporalitie of the priorie of Pluscarden, extending yeirlie to the sowme of sevin hundxeth merkis money, as in the gift of pensioun grantit to him thairupoun under the privie seill upoun the aucht day of November jM vC fourscoir tuell yeiris at mair lenth is contenit; and his majestie willing that the said gift may be sure to the said Ludovic, duke of Lennox for bruiking and joysing of the same and sowme of money abonespecifiit during the tyme thairin contenit, thairfoir oure said soverane lord and estaitis of this present parliament ratifies, apprevis and confirmis for his hienes and his successouris the said lettre of gift and pensioun off all and haill the temporalitie of Pluscarden, extending yeirlie to the said sowme of sevin hundreth merkis, in all heidis, pointis, articles, clauses and conditionis specifiit thairintill with all that hes followit thairupoun; and willis that this present ratificatioun and confamatioun is and salbe als valide, effectuall and sufficient to the said Ludovick, duk of Lennox as gif the said lettre of pensioun and gift wer expreslie insert heirintill, nochwithstanding the act of annexatioun maid in the perliament haldin at Edinburgh the xxix day of Julii jM vC fourscoir sevin yeris, to the quhilk this present ratificatioun sall mak expres dirogatioun safar as may be extendit to the said temporalitie of Pluscarden.

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