Anent the brig of Dalkeith2

Oure soverane lord and estaitis in perliament, for the beiting, uphalding and mending of the tua briggis of Dalkeith, the ane biggit upoun South Esk on the south syd of the said toun, and the uther biggit on North Ersk upoun the north syd of the said town, quhilk briggis ar now almaist decayed, statutis and ordanis that all cariages and burdingis of mylstanes, wyne, tymmer and utheris graith passand endlangis the saidis tua briggis with cartis sall pay to the baillies and counsaill of the said toun of Dalkeith, or thair collectour to be appointit be thame, for repairing, mending and uphalding of thair saidis briggis the taxt and impost following, that is to say: of ilk mylnestane passand endlangis ony ane of the saidis tua briggis, fourtie penneis, and for ilk cartfull laydnit with wyne, tymmer or uther geir, aucht penneis money of this realme. And this act to tak beginning the xx day of this instant moneth of Junii jM vC fourscoir fourtene yeiris, and to leist and continew for the space of thre yeiris nixt and immediatlie following the said tuentie day of Junii.

  1. NAS, PA2/15, f.50v.
  2. This also appears on f.57v with the word 'Act' in the title. The differences between this and the second version are merely differences of spelling and the omission of 'the' in the first line before 'beiting' in the second version.