For executioun of the actis anent slauchter of blak or raid fische and fry of salmound

Oure soverane lord and estaitis of this present parliament, understanding that the actis of parliament maid aganis slayaris of blak or reid fische in forbiddin tyme, distroyaris of smoltis and fry of salmond hes not bene put to executioun in tymes bygane be ressone of the jurisdictioun of the schireffis of everie schirefdome impeiding the provest and baillies of burrowis to prosequute justice thairanent, hes thairfoir ratifiet and approvin the former actis maid anent slaying of salmond fische in forbiddin tyme and distroying of smoltis etc., and declaris that it salbe lauchtfull to the provest and baillies of everie burgh in tyme cuming to proceid aganis the contravenaris of the saidis actis, gif thay salhappin first to atteich and apprehend thame, befoir thai be challengeit be the schireff or his deputtis, notwithstanding that be the former actis the said power wes restrictit to the saidis schireffis.

  1. NAS, PA2/15, f.39r.