For punischement of committaris of usurie

Forsamekle as usurie and ocker is ane greit cryme condempnit be the lawes of God and all commoun welthis, and yit has bene ovre frequentlie usit within this realme this dyvers yeris bygane throw want of ane certane pane and punisement, thairfoir oure soverane lord, with avise of his estaitis in this present perliament, statutis and ordanis that quha evir committis usurie or ocker in tyme cuming directlie or indirectlie, that is to say takis mair proffite for the len of money nor as it cummis to ten pundis in the yeir for ane hundreth pundis, or fyve libs. wictuall, and sua pro rata, quether the same be greit or small upoun wed, plege or obligatioun, act or contract afoir hand or efter the yeir or tyme, salbe countit and estemit usuraris and ockararis, and the pertie, payar or obleist for the said unlawfull proffite, reveilland the same salhave repetitioun of his plege, wed or discharge of his obligatioun, act or contract for his reward. And gif the pertie, receavar, conceilis the resset thairof, quhatsumever uther man that revelis and verefeis the said ocker salhave the said benefite and richt to the sowmes of money gevin for ocker as the gever micht2 had incace he had revelit it him self, and the pertie, resaifar of the said unlauchtfull proffite or contracter thairanent, to tyne the principall sowme and stok quhilk was employit be him for payment of the said unlauchtfull proffite and oker.

  1. NAS, PA2/15, f.38v.
  2. APS reads 'micht have'.