Anent the certane tyme of Lentren, sparing of young flesche in the spring and brekaris of Lentren and ether dayis forbiddin to eit flesche

Oure soverane lord and estaitis in this present parliament, in respect of the greit derth and skarsitie off all kynd of flesches, statutis and ordanis that in all tyme cuming the tyme of Lentren salbe certane fra the first day of Merche inclusive to the first day of Maii exclusive, and that na lambis nor young weillis within yeir auldis be slayne or eattin befoir Witsonday yeirlie under the panis following. And als ratifies, apprevis and confirmis the actis of perliament maid ofbefoir aganis the eittaris of flesche in Lentrone or on the Wadnisday, Fryday or Seterday in everie oulk, except the penaltie appointit in the saidis actis aganis the contravenaris thairof, quhilk oure soverane lord and estaitis foirsaidis cassis, annullis and haldis that point of the same as deleit and reservis the said penaltie as followis to the effect the same may be the better execute: That is to say, quhasoevir salbe tryit to have contravenit the same, for the first fault, salbe adjugeit in the sowme of ten pundis money; for the secund falt, in the sowme of tuentie pundis; and for the thrid, in the sowme of fourttie pundis; and sua ordanis the pane to be multipliit according to the contempt and oft contravening of the saidis actis. And that the same may tak the better effect, oure soverane lord and estaitis foirsaidis ordanis that within burrowis, his hienes thesaurair nominat ane sufficient persone, and that everie burgh nominat ane uther quha salhave pouer to try, serch and seik quhatsumevir personis, contravenaris of this present act, and persew thame befoir the justice generall or his depuittis monethlie for the same. And incace of convictioun of ony persone or personis, ordanis the ane half of the penaltie to apertene to oure soverane lord, and the uther half to the burgh quhair the convictioun salhappin to be, to be employit by thame as thai sall think gude. Quhilk act oure said soverane lord and estaitis foirsaidis ordanis to be put to executioun in tyme cuming without exceptioun or pretence of ony former licience grantit befoir the dait heirof, alsweill aganis the eittaris as aganis the fleschouris, cuikis, oistellaris and utheris prepararis thairof, and that na licience be grantit heireftir without ane sufficient testimoniall be schawin to oure soverane lordis thesaurair be ane minister of Goddis word and doctour of medicine, apothecar or chirurgiane of the infirmitie of the persoun that suittis and cravis the same, utherwayes the licience to be null. And incace the persoun, obtenar of the said licience, be challengeit for contravening of this present act, the licience sall not be sufficient to absolve the persoun accusit, except the same, togidder with the foirsaid testimoniall, be likwyis producit and schawin in jugement.

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