For punisement of parricide

Oure soverane lord and estatis of this present parliament, understanding the abhominable and odious crueltie that hes bene at sumtymes heirtofoir usit within this realme be children aganis thair parentis in murthering of thame and takand of thair lyves maist unnaturally, hes thairfoir statute and ordanit that quhatsumevir he be that hes slayne or sall heireftir slay his father or mother, guidschir or guddame and hes bene alreddie or salbe heireftir convict be ane assyis, the committaris of the said cryme and his posteritie in linea recta salbe disheresit in all tyme heireftir fra thair landis, heretages, takis, possessonis and the samyn sall apertene to the nixt collaterall and narrest of blude quha utherwayes micht succeid falyeing of the richt lyne.

  1. NAS, PA2/15, f.38r.