For tryall of the treuth of acquittances in suspensionis

Oure soverane lord, with avise of his estaitis in this present parliament, understanding that in tymes bygane his hienes and his thesaurair hes bene grytumlie prejugeit anent the escheatis of sic personis as hes bene ordourlie denuncit rebellis and put to the horne; and that throw collusioun of perties efter thair lauchfull denunceatioun, the escheatis being cum in his hienes handis, aggreis with the perties at quhais instance thai ar denuncit, and intendis reductioun aganis the pertie, the kingis thesaurair and advocat for annulling of the process of horning and denunceatioun led aganis thame and obtenis decreit thairintill be productioun of antedaitit dischargis and acquittances, as gif the sowmes or caus thai wer chargit for had bene payit, done and fulfillit lang befoir the denunceatioun. For remeid quhairof, it is statute and ordanit that quhensoevir ony pairtie grounds thair ressonis of suspensioun or reductioun for annulling of horningis upoun payment or satisfactioun maid befoir the denunceatioun, and producis acquittances and dischargis thairupoun, the producear thairof salbe haldin in presence of the lordis to mak faith, sollempnitlie suorne that the acquittances and dischargis producit ar trew in thame selffis, maid and subscryvit off the samyn dait as thai wer producit; utherwayes the usaris of the saidis acquittances not to be hard to ground ony ressonis of suspensionis for annulling of horningis upoun sic acquittances and discharges, nor to use the same aganis his hienes and his thesaurair.

  1. NAS, PA2/15, f.35v-36r.