Proclamatioun for convening at Striviling

And that lettrez be direct chargeing all and sindrie erllis, lordis, baronis, freehaldaris, gentilmen, landit men with the inhabitantis of burrowis, alswele within regalitie as ryaltie, within the boundis of the schireffdomis of Forfair, Fyffe, Perth, Kinross, Clakmannane, Striviling, Dunbartane, But and Ergyle, that thay and ilkane of thame weill bodin in feir of weir, lykwayes with tuentie dayes victuallis and provisioun, addres thame selffis to meit Ludovik, duke of Lennox, erll Dernelie, lord Tarboltoun, Methven and Aubigny, his hienes lieutennent at Striviling, upoun the said first day of November nixttocum, thairfra to pas fordwart, as thay salbe commandit and directit, for invasioun, persute and punishement of the rebellious and contemptuus personis, inhabitantis of the hielandis and cuntreyis adjacent thairto, perturbaris of the commoun quietnes of the realme, undir the pane of tinsall of lyffe, landis and guidis.

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