Lettres to charge landislordis and baillies to find souirtie

The kingis majestie and esteatis presentlie assemblit, upoun knaulege of the grite disordouris and unlauchfull attemptatis committit alsueill in England aganis the peace as aganis his hienes awne obedient and peceable subjectis be avowit thevis, contemptuus rebellis, sornaris and oppressouris inhabiting the cuntreyis ewest the bordouris and hielandis; and his hienes and his saidis esteatis haveing advisedlie considderit of the best remedie for quieting of the disordourit subjectis and keiping of thame in gude reule and obedience, findis the lawis and actis of parliament alreddy maid thairfoir perfyte and sufficient, the samin being duelie putt in executioun, speciallie the act maid in the parliament haldin at Edinburgh upoun the xxix day of Julii 1587 for the quieting and keiping in obedience of the disordourit personis, inhabitantis of the bodouris, hielandis and ilis, and thairfoir ordanis lettrez tobe direct chargeing all landislordis and baillies of the landis on the bordouris and in the hielandis quhair brokin men hes duelt or presentlie duellis that hes not alreddy fund souirtie, or not sufficient souirteis, that thay find cautioun and souirtie, landit men in the incuntrey for releving of his hienes and his wardanis at the handis of the Englishe wardanis for all unlauchfull attemptatis aganis the peace, and to mak thair men, tennentis and servandis (quhome thay ar astrictit to ansuer for be the generall band) answerable to justice and satisfie pairteis skaithit conforme to the saidis lawis and generall band within fyftene dayis nixteftir the charge undir the pane of rebellioun; and giff thay failyie etc., to denunce etc.

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