2Act in favour of the Duik of Lennox anent the superioritie of the bischoiprics of Sanctandrois and Glasgow

Oure soverane lord and estaitis of this present parliament, understanding that the gritest nowmer of the wassellis, frie tennentis and heretable fewaris of the temporall landis belanging to the archebischoiprie and priorie of Sanctandrois and to the archibischoiprie of Glasgw ar of sa meane rent and qualitie that thai ar nawyis able to mak the expenses upoun the resignatioun of thair landis in oure said soverane lordis handes and entres thairto be his hienes chancellarie, quhilk gevis occasioun to mony of the saidis fewaris to ly out unenterit to thair saidis landis; in consideratioun also that his hienes darrest cousing, Ludovic, duk of Lennox, erll Dernelie, lord Torboltoun, Methven and Obigny etc., being providit to the said priorie of Sanctandrois, quhairof the rent and patrimonie, lyk as the rent and patrimony of the saidis archebischoipries, is hallelie exhaustit be takkis, pensionis and utheris dispositionis, sua that litle or na commoditie thairof remanis, except the superioritie of the same; thairfoir oure said soverane lord and estaitis foirsaidis gevis, grantis and disponis to his hienes said darrest cousinge during all the dayis of his lyvetyme the richt of the superioritie of the haill temporall landis, mylnis, multuris, woddis, forrestis and fischingis off all and sindre the saidis archebischoiprie and priorie of Sanctandrois and archebischoiprie of Glasgw, with power to him and his commissionaris and utheris in his name speciallie constitut to that effect during his lyvetyme as said is to resave all resignationis to be maid be quhatsumevir heretable tennentis, vassellis or fewaris of the saidis temporall landis and utheris abonespecifiit or ony pairt thairof belanging to the saidis archebischoipries and priorie, and to gif entres to thame, thair aris and successouris of the saidis landis and utheris abonerehersit; declaring all and sindre resignationis foirsaidis of the saidis frie tennentis, vassellis and fewaris of the saidis temporall landis and utheris abonespecifiit and entres thairof to be gevin to thame or thair foirsaidis be the said Ludovick, duk of Lennox or his saidis commissionaris, under his propre seill and subscriptioun, to be als guid, valide and sufficient to the ressaveris thairof for bruiking and joysing of thair saidis landis and utheris abonewrittin as gif the samyn haid bene gevin and grantit be his hienes or gif thai haid bene enterit be his hienes chancellarie, nochtwithstanding of the act of annexatioun of all ecclesiasticall landis to the croun maid in the parliament haldin at Edinburgh, the xxix day of Julii the yeir of God jM vC lxxxvij yeiris, to the quhilk this present act makis and sall mak expres dirogatioun in safar as the same may be extendit to the superioritie of the saidis temporall landis and utheris abonerehersit pertening to the saidis archebischoipries and priorie during the said Ludovik, duke of Lennox, his lyftyme.

  1. NAS, PA2/15, f.25v.
  2. The letter 'P.' written in the margin.