2Act in favour of Andro, commendater of Jedburgh

Oure soverane lord and estaitis of this present parliament, considdering that Andro, commendater of Jedburgh, having rasit lettrez befoir the lordis of sessioun for annulling and simpliciter suspending of the lettres of horning rasit be sex sindre parties clameand richt to the monkis portionis, superplus and temporalitie of the said abbacie of the croppis and yeiris of God jM vC lxxxvij, lxxxviij, lxxxix, lxxxx, lxxxxj and lxxxxij yeiris, as the lettrez of suspensioun rasit thairupoun in the self at lenth beris; quhilk being callit, Roger Ashintoun, gentleman in his hienes chalmer, and his majesties thesaurair, comptrollar and advocat for his hienes entres, Robert Kirktoun and Robert Trottar comperit be thame selfis and thair procurators, and the said mater being ressonit viva voce in presens of the saidis lordis of sessioun and the parteis richtis producit finding the questionis to arryis throw the multitude of the actis of parliament maid anent the saidis monkis portionis, superplus of benefices and annexatioun of temporall landis to the croun, remittit the decisioun of the foirsaid actioun and caus to his hienes and his saidis estaitis for certane ordour to be taken and sett down concerning the saidis monkis portionis, and to reduce all the actis of parliament maid ofbefoir thairanent to ane certane act and rule, quhairby the saidis lordis of sessioun may proceid summerlie to the decisioun of all sic causes, as the act maid thairupoun beris. And seing the lordis commissionaris of the augmenationis upoun the xij day of October the yeir of God jM vC lxxxvij yeiris, finding the temporalitie of the abbacie of Jedburgh and Restennet to extend to vjC iiij lib. xj s. omnibus deductis, off the quhilkis the saidis lordis, be vertew of the act of perliament maid anent the annexatioun of temporall landis of benefices to the croun, then assumed and appropriat thairto the soum of ijC lxxvj lib. xvj s. viij d. yeirlie to be chargit for and intromettitwith be his hienes thesaurair of augmentationis, and in recompense thairof adjugeit, assignit and allowit to the said commendater in satisfactioun of the samyn the superplus of the thriddis extending to xj b[oll]s quheit, estimat to fyve merkis the boll, and sa amounting to the sowme of xxxvj lib. xiij s. iiij d.; xiij b[oll]s beir, ij f[i]r[lot], ij p[eck]s, 2 pert p[eck]s, estimat to four markis everie boll, and sa extending to xxxvj lib.; and xxxvj b[oll]s meill, estimat to xl s. the boll, extending to lxxij lib., amounting in the haill to jC xliiij lib. xiij s. iiij d., togidder with four deid monkis portionis. And it is trew that the said Roger Ashetoun hes assignit and disponit to him in pensioun the foirsaid sowmme of ijC lxxvj lib. xvj s. viij d. furth of the temporalitie of the said abbacie of Jedburgh, and the said Robert Trotter and Robert Kirktoun hes the haill monkis portionis of the foirsaid abbacie disponit to thame, and the superplus is assignit to the ministrie, sua that the said commendater is altogidder defraudit baith of that pert of his temporalitie and als of the foirsaid superplus and monkis portionis quhilk wes assignit to him in recompense thairof; thairfoir, and seing the saidis monkis portionis ar disponit to Robert Trotter and Robert Kirktoun and the superplus of the said abbacie assignit to the said ministrie, oure soverane lord and estaitis foirsaidis reponis the said Andro, commendater of Jedburgh to his awin richt of the temporalitie of the said abbacie during his lyvetyme, as gif the samyn haid nevir bene takin fra him; and dischargis the said Roger Aschetoun and all utheris off all forder trubling of the said commendater thairanent, notwithstanding ony gift or dispositioun maid to thame of the samyn at ony tyme heirtofoir during the said commendataris lyvetyme as said is.

  1. NAS, PA2/15, f.23r-23v.
  2. The letter 'P.' written in the margin.