2Ratificatioun to the Erll Merschell anent the college in Abirdene

Oure soverane lord and estaitis of this present parliament, understanding that George, erll Merschell, lord Keith etc. hes laitlie foundit and erectit ane college within the burgh of New Abirdene and dotit the same with dyvers rentis and patrimony of his awin propre landis, for advanceing of the quhilk also the provest, ballies, consaill and communitie of the said burgh hes gevin to the said erll the place, kirk, clois and yard quhilkis appertenit sumtyme to the gray freiris of Abirdene to be annext to the said college, as at mair lenth in the lettrez of fundatioun and erectioun of the said college is contenit. Thairfoir his hienes and estaitis foirsaidis ratifies, apprevis and confermis the said fundatioun and erectioun quhilk is of the dait the [...] day of Aprile jM vC fourscoir threttene yeiris, with all the clauses, articles, heidis and conditionis thairin contenit, and forder gevis and disponis thairto all fredomes, franchises, liberties, frie privilegis and jurisdictioun that to ane frie college within this realme be law and practik is knawin to apertene, provyding alwayes that the masteris, memberis, studentis, bursaris and haill inhabitantis of the said college is and salbe in all tymes heirefter subject to the jurisdictioun of the provest, ballies and counsaill of the said burgh of Abirdene in all thingis to be done or committit be thame outwith the wallis of the said college and within the territores or fredome of the said burgh.

  1. NAS, PA2/15, f.23r.
  2. The letter 'P.' written in the margin.