Procedure: remit of supplication to the queen's council
2Supplicatioun of the ministeris of Dumfermling remittit to the quenis majesties counsaill

Anent the supplicatioun gevin in to the kingis majestie and estaitis of parliament be the brethrein of the ministrie of the lordschip of Dumfermling upoun baith the sydes of the watter of Forth, makand mentioun that quhir oure soverane lord haid gevin and disponit the said lordschip to his darrest spous the quene, quha being weill inclynit to the sustentatioun of the ministrie within ther boundis, provydit sindre of thame to severall personages thairof serving the cure, quhairwith, albeit the same wes bot veray sober levingis to thame, considdering how thai ar rent and spilt with takkis, pensionis and utherwayis, yit becaus thay apperit to have sum certaintie thairby, thay stude content thinkand that thay haid bene satlit in that point, and yit nevirtheless thai heir that now thair is ane act of parliament grantit in favoris of Henrie Pitcarne of Foirthir anent the said benefice of Dumfermling and dimissioun thairof maid in his favouris be umquhile Robert, last lauchtfull commendat of the same, quhilk act of parliament will annull all the provisionis of samony of thame as wer provydit to the saidis severall benefices, as also thair stipendis, for the quhilk thay have serrvit sensyne and yit restand untakin up in sindrie partis, parcellit and in tyme cuming cassin sa louse as thai wayt not quhairat to begin, nor how to seik thame selffis to be remedit in thair stipendis. And beside this greit inconvenient, thair ar sindrie of thame of the ministrie of the said lordschip that ar of tua uther rankis, to wit: sindrie of thame altogidder destitute and unprovidit of stipendis, and uthieris thai be that haif sa small stipendis that thai can sustene na honest ressonable man, albeit thai wer nevir sa solitar and quiet. Beseikand heirfoir the kingis majestie and estaitis foirsaidis for the reward of God to advert heirto, and that in consideratioun of the premises and of the greit inconvenientis that may befall the kirkis and flokkis of the said lordschip; and incais thai be disapointit, to declair that it salbe lesum to thame of the ministrie, sa mony as ar dewlie providit be the quenis hienes to severall kirkis and benefices, to bruik and posses the same in stipendis during thair lyftymes, nochwithstanding the said lait act of parliament, utherwayis that gif oure saidis provisionis may not be sufferit to stand, that the samyn benefices as thai ar provydit may be assignit to thame in stipendis ad vitam, ilk ane of thame for thair awin partis. And as for thame of the said ministrie of Dumfermling in the uther tua rankis abonewrittin, that the kingis majestie and estaitis foirsaidis wald appoint the quenis hienes counsaill, with sic of the weill affectit ministrie heirabout as thai pleis nominat, to sitt and tak sic solide ordour as thai may be sufficientlie providit of stipendis, that the kirkis in thair defaultis be not left destitute, as at mair lenth is contenit in the supplicatioun. Quhilk being hard, red and considderit be his majestie and estaitis foirsaidis and thai thairwith being ryiplie advisit, the kingis majestie and estaitis of this present parliament remittis the foirsaid supplicatioun and contentis thairof to the quenis majesties counsaill, and to ony twa of the ministeris quhome hir hienes counsaill pleses to nominat and chuse, to tak ordour in the premises, quhome unto his hienes and estaitis foirsaidis gevis full power and commissioun to that effect.

  1. NAS, PA2/15, f.22v.
  2. The letter 'P.' written in the margin.